Things I Don’t Thesis Without

This week’s post is a photographical account of the three main things I never really write my thesis without – the things getting me through the next month and a half, the things that are the only reasons I have any words on a page at all, etc.

A snack, and maybe a coffee: I’m not a huge caffeine person, but a small coffee and a banana usually does the trick when I need a small boost of energy after a long work period.

A friend: While some prefer to work in solitude, I typically have one friend with me. Of course, we work in silence, but it’s nice to know that someone else is there, doing the same type of thing as myself.

My citation style-guide: I’ve found it so helpful to always have my American Anthropological Association guide to citations with me when I’m thesising, because, although citing references is a pain, getting it done in the moment, and not having to return to it later is hugely helpful and efficient.

Of course, each individual will find certain things more helpful than others, and figuring out what works for you is always a personal decision, but if you’re at a loss for some strategies that work, maybe consider trying some of these!

Annie Woehling, Social Sciences Correspondent