Dylan Blau Edelstein ’17
Humanities Correspondent

Concentration: Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Degree Program: A.B
Certificate Programs: Latin American Studies, Theater, Ethnography
Research Interests: languages, Latin America, theater, culture, gender and sexuality, social movements
Bio: In many ways, my time at Princeton has been shaped by my time off campus, having spent two summers in Latin America and taken a gap year as a rising sophomore to travel in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. Intrigued by the confluence of Latin American studies, culture, and social justice, I am a researcher without a lab coat, answering questions through humanistic inquiry and the social sciences (in other words, a lot of reading and talking to people about their lives).  Outside of the classroom, I regularly perform in plays and musicals, sit on the board of the Princeton University Players, and serve as a Peer Advisor through the LGBT Center.

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Elise Freeman ’19
Social Sciences Correspondent

Concentration: Undecided
Degree Program: A.B.
Research Interests: international affairs, culture, francophone countries
Bio: I love looking at the world from perspectives different from my own — the more foreign the subject, the better! I’m fascinated by how we interact with one another, and learning French certainly provides a cool lens for that. Though I lean towards social sciences, I could read about fringe science or space for hours. I spend my time on campus aspiring to be like my idols: my mom, Michelle Obama, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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Taylor Griffith ’18
Social Sciences Correspondent

Concentration: Sociology
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Programs: Creative Writing, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Research Interests: Authors, Creative Writing, Gender, Sexuality, Media, Television
Bio: I’m an aspiring novelist from Pennsylvania who’s passionate about pushing boundaries and questioning the workings of our society, in order to broaden people’s understanding of diversity and the world we live in. Through research, I analyze parts of our everyday lives to find underlying patterns and messages related to how our society is socially constructed. In addition to my writing and independent work, I’m a Peer Health Adviser, a Student Manager at the Department of Public Safety, and a member of the BAC Dance Company and the Princeton HighSteppers Step Team.

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Emma Kaeser ’18
Chief Correspondent

Concentration: Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Programs: Program in French Language and Culture, Program in Urban Studies
Research Interests: social movements, human rights law, public policy, women and children’s rights
Bio: I am a junior from New York with a passion for public policy, human rights and social change. On-campus organizations that I am a part of include Princeton University Ballet, Princeton University Circle of Women and CityStep Princeton. I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and doing yoga.

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Melissa Parnagian ’17
Social Sciences Correspondent and Chief Correspondent Emeritus

Concentration: Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Program: American Studies
Research Interests: politics, race, media, representation, mass culture
Bio: I’ve lived in New Jersey my entire life and wanted to attend Princeton just as long. I get excited about presidential quotes, the word “myriad”, and opportunities to make lasting changes in public affairs. When I’m not earning my stripes on campus (where I’m generally known for asking a lot of questions), I’m probably singing Disney songs with my mom, dad, two older sisters, and little brother.

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Vidushi Sharma ’17
Humanities Correspondent

Concentration: Philosophy
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Programs: Neuroscience, Humanistic Studies
Research Interests: cognitive science, interdisciplinary learning, classical languages, culture
Bio: Salvete! I like writing stories and drawing pictures when I travel —  whether on a train or on a different continent. I also like tennis, my family, and languages (dead or alive). In my free time at Princeton, I am starting a Cognitive Science society and spreading the word about my website, thehobmob.com–an interest-based social platform for sharing content with people with similar passions.

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Zoe Sims ’17
Natural Sciences Correspondent

Concentration: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Program: Environmental Studies
Research Interests: ecology, environmental science, acclimatization, climate change
Bio: I’m passionate about ecology, nature writing, and the intersection of human needs and environmental conservation. My favorite kind of research is that which brings me out into nature, and my studies at Princeton have taken me from the rainforest of Costa Rica to the coral reefs of Bermuda. On campus, I run varsity track and cross-country, and am a member of the Mathey Real Food Co-op.

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PCUR Alumni

Good researchers always recognize those who came before them — and we’re no exception. PCUR thanks its former bloggers for their creative and helpful views on independent work:

Kavi Jain ’18 – Engineering Correspondent
Concentration: Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Degree Program: B.S.E.
Certificate Programs: Statistics and Machine Learning, Applications of Computing
Research Interests: data science, nanotechnology, clean energy, biomimicry
Posts by Kavi Jain


Jalisha Braxton ’16 – Natural Sciences Correspondent
Concentration: Psychology
Degree Program: A.B
Certificate Programs: Neuroscience
Research Interests: cognition, learning disorders
Posts by Jalisha Braxton


Stacey Huang ’16 – Engineering Correspondent
Concentration: Electrical Engineering
Degree Program: B.S.E.
Research Interests: laser spectroscopy, applied physics, photonics, circuits
Posts by Stacey Huang


Bennett McIntosh ’16 – Natural Sciences Correspondent
Concentration: Chemistry
Degree Program: A.B
Research Interests: biochemistry, protein folding, protein design
Posts by Bennett McIntosh


Isabelle Laurenzi ’15 – Chief Correspondent
Isabelle LaurenziConcentration: Religion
Degree Program: A.B
Certificate Programs: Creative Writing and Humanistic Studies
Research Interests: religion, ethics, and politics, philosophy of religion, expressions of religion and ethics in contemporary literature
Posts by Isabelle Laurenzi


Yuem Park ’15 – Natural Sciences Correspondent
Concentration: Geosciences
Degree Program: A.B.
Research Interests: geosciences, geology, structural geology, geochemistry, tectonics
Posts by Yuem Park


Annie Woehling ’15 – Social Sciences Correspondent
Concentration: Anthropology
Degree Program: A.B.
Certificate Program: Global Health and Health Policy
Research Interests: sexual health and wellness, life sciences, health policy
Posts by Annie Woehling