Welcome to the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Welcome back to PCUR! We are very excited to welcome back several correspondents from last year and introduce the new correspondents joining us! Posts will start up this week, so check your email Wednesday morning for the first post of the academic year.

Depicts PCUR logo and headshots of the correspondents introduced on the page.
Top, Virginia Cobbs. Middle, from left to right: Rebecca Cho, Amaya Dressler, Xander Jenkin, and Yubi Mamiya. Bottom, from left to right: Shane Patrick, Kate Weseley-Jones, Alexis Wu, and Shannon Yeow

I have the pleasure of welcoming back PCURs Amaya Dressler ’25 (Amaya is abroad this semester so she’ll be back posting in the spring), Kate Weseley-Jones ’25, and Alexis Wu ’25 and introducing new members Rebecca Cho ’26, Xander Jenkin ’25, Yubi Mamiya ’26, and Shane Patrick ’24, and Shannon Yeow ’26. We’re also very grateful that Virginia Cobbs ’25, joins us again as the Chief Correspondent! I welcome you to engage with their perspectives on and experiences with research. You can learn a little more about each correspondent below and stay tuned for PCUR posts this week.

Rebecca Cho ’26

Natural Sciences Correspondent

Photograph of young woman smiling staring at the camera

Concentration: Geosciences

Degree Program: A.B.

Certificate Programs: Cognitive Science

Research Interests: Biogeochemistry, Climate Science, Reconstruction Modeling, Environmental Science

Bio: I am a sophomore from Long Island, NY, looking to concentrate in Geosciences! My research interests include the exploration of past climate-tectonic interactions and the past marine environment to understand how different aspects of the physical planet are responding to rapid climate change. I am also interested in the influence of these physical changes on public health and society. Outside of research, I love listening to music and reading. On campus, you can find me dancing or performing the cello and piano. 

Virginia Cobbs ’25

Chief Correspondent

Photo depicts woman smiling at camera with light red hair, wearing a gray Princeton t-shirt and standing in front of a tree.

Concentration: African American Studies

Degree: A.B.

Research Interests: Racism in healthcare, Tech mediated bias in criminal justice, bumble bee social behavior, Parkinson’s Disease

Bio: My name is Virginia and I am a junior in the African American Studies department. I grew up in Birmingham,  AL (roll tide!) and as someone pursuing a career in healthcare, my research interests are often at the intersection of race and medicine. I also spent a gap year before Princeton studying Parkinson’s Disease, and a summer after freshman year researching bumble bees. More recently,  I have been working with Prof. Fuentes studying racial bias in medical algorithms, and I am also a part of Prof. Benjamin’s Just Data Lab studying how technology mediates bias and racism in the criminal justice system. When not in the lab, you can find me either competitively sailing or volunteering as an EMT with the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad.

Amaya Dressler ’25

Social Sciences Correspondent

Image depicts a woman staring and smiling at camera with light blonde hair and a light pink t-shirt.

Concentration: Anthropology 

Degree Program: A.B.

Certificate Programs: Humanistic Studies, Global Health and Health Policy

Research Interests: Menstrual Health and Dysfunction, Endocrinology, Cognitive Science, Nutrition, Medical Institutions and Health Disparity

Bio: I am a junior from Littlestown, PA. As a pre med student concentrating in Anthropology, my research interests extend broadly across women’s health and healthcare reform. Outside of research, I can be found writing for Nassau Weekly or working with the PACE center as a CA fellow, and I am always happy to chat! I am usually hanging out either reading in Butler Library or dancing in one of the campus’s open studios. 

Xander Jenkin ’25

Natural Sciences Correspondent

Photo of young man smiling at camera wearing a Princeton '25 shirt.

Concentration: Astrophysics

Certificate Program/Minor: Medieval Studies

Degree Program: A.B.

Research interests: Theoretical Astrophysics, Data Analysis, Computer Simulation, Galaxies, Optics, Byzantine Art

Bio: I’m Xander, a junior majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in Medieval Studies from Tampa, FL. I spent this past summer researching galaxy protoclusters at Cardiff University in Wales, but I enjoy researching and learning about all parts of Physics and Astrophysics—I have done previous projects on gas shockwaves, cosmology, and space flight instrumentation. Outside of research, I am heavily involved with SIFP, where I am most interested in providing academic mentorship and support to help first-generation/low-income students succeed at Princeton.

Yubi Mamiya ’26

Engineering Correspondent

Person with long dark hair wearing a tan blazer and white shirt smiling at the camera

Concentration: Computer Science

Certificate Program/Minor: Engineering Biology, Global Health and Health Policy

Degree Program: B.S.E.

Research interests: Artificial Intelligence, Neurotechnology, Disease and Disorders, Mental Health, Reproductive Justice, Healthcare, Educational Equity, Sustainability, Music and Art in Social Movements

Bio: I’m Yubi and I’m a sophomore from Shoreline, WA interested in computer science. I hope to develop artificial intelligence-based software that improves the effectiveness and accessibility of healthcare for underserved communities. Outside of research, I love singing at Saturday Morning Arts, running with Princeton Running Club, and reading.

Shane Patrick ’24

Humanities Correspondent

Person looking toward camera smiling. They have short, curled dark hair, glasses, and a sweatshirt and t-shirt on.

Concentration: Near Eastern Studies

Certificate Program/Minor: Medieval Studies, Hellenic Studies, Ancient Roman Language and Culture, Arabic Language and Culture

Degree Program: A.B.

Research interests: Religious Communities in the Medieval Middle East, Christian-Muslim Relations, Translation, Numismatics

Bio: My name is Shane Patrick and I’m a senior in the Near Eastern Studies department. My academic interests center on medieval Middle Eastern history, with a special focus on Middle Eastern Christians and their relationships with each other and with Muslims across the Middle Ages. I’m also interested in the translation and preservation of classical and medieval texts. Outside of class, I’m involved with the Catholic community on campus and also catalog Arabic coins in the university’s numismatic collection. 

Kate Weseley-Jones ’25

Humanities Correspondent

Image depicts a woman smiling at the camera. She has long blonde hair, a dark blue top, and is standing in front of a white wall.

Concentration: Art History

Degree Program: A.B.

Research interests: ancient art, heritage conservation, behavioral science, gender studies

Bio: Hi, my name is Kate and I’m a sophomore from Long Island, NY! I’m planning to pursue a degree in art history, but I’m interested in most things that fall in the overlap between the humanities and social sciences. When I’m not hunched over a book, you can find me on campus playing the cello or practicing new tricks with the Aerial Arts Club.

Alexis Wu ’25

Engineering Correspondent

Image depicts a young woman smiling at the camera. She has medium-length dark brown hair, is wearing a bright red top, and the sun is shining behind her.

Concentration: Computer Science

Degree Program: B.S.E.

Research Interests: Applications of Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, Ethics, Generative AI, Art History

Bio: My name is Alexis and I am a junior from San Diego, CA, majoring in computer science. My research interests lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction, ethics of computing, accessible design, and education. On campus, I am also a volunteer student tour guide for the Princeton University Art Museum and a part of the Princeton Perspective Project!

Shannon Yeow ’26

Engineering Correspondent

Photograph of young woman in suite with long hair smiling at camera

Concentration: Computer Science

Degree Program: B.S.E.

Research Interests: Avionics, Flight Software, Robotics, Technology and Society, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence

Bio: My name is Shannon Yeow, and I’m from San Diego, California. I am most interested in the applications of computer science in relation to society, focusing on broad technological innovations across artificial intelligence, robotics, and space aviation. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, spending time outdoors, and hunting down the free food on campus. Whether for research or more generally, I’m always ready for the next adventure!