PCUR Archives: Tips for Winter Break

Image depicts courtyard area with grey bricks and fresh snow. A squirrel is in the corner and in the center are a set of archways.
Campus is quieter during wintersession, but there’s still plenty to do! (Photo Credit, Denise Applewhite)

Ryan closed us off in December with a wonderful post about different ways you can schedule (or not schedule) your time over winter break. To her work, we’d like to invite you to take a look back at some other posts on how you might build research, restoration, and recreation (of the educational kind) into your winter break. Check out the posts below!

We hope these posts can offer you some insight into how you can build in progress on your research or upcoming writing and application deadlines alongside diving into Wintersession offerings, spending time with friends and loved ones, getting ready for the spring, and, we guess, extra sleeping!

–Caitlin Larracey, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research