Need a New Place to Study? 4 Niche Study Locations for all Princeton Students!

As I enter my sixth! semester at Princeton, I find myself still asking the age-old question: where should I go and work today? The challenge with finding the right study space is that they’re frequently mood and assignment-specific.

Image of sunset over Princeton Graduate College, golf course, Forbes backyard. Red Adirondack chair in foreground.

View of the Forbes backyard, taken by author.

PCUR alumna Nanako Shirai’s 2018 post on finding study spaces on campus is an incredible resource to help you identify the best study space based on your study needs. In this post, I’ll highlight some additional study spaces you could explore this spring. Instead of going by the type of assignment you’re working on, I’ll share four new suggestions on study spaces based on the kind of study environment you prefer. This might help you choose study spaces at which you could complete multiple items on your to-do list.

  1. EQuad “Green Room”

Don’t like working in complete silence? Love being around other people while studying but need a calm ambience to work in? Check out the Engineering Quad (EQuad) Study Lounge! Located in the Civil & Environmental Engineering wing, the study lounge is divided into an open hub for socialization, as well as a computer lab behind a media wall for quiet study. You might be thinking, “why would I walk all the way to the EQuad if I don’t have to?” The location is convenient for engineering students, but the walk can also give your mind a much-needed break. I’ve found the hub to be a great place to discuss problem sets with groupmates or enjoy a snack while studying. As a Computer Science major who frequents the northeast corner of campus, I’ve also found that the EQuad’s study spaces feel much more open and inviting than the tables in the Friend Center.

(Thank you to Nal Xaviera ‘25 for this suggestion!)

  1. Chancellor Green Cafe

It’s buzzing, it’s exciting, it’s a lively coffee shop vibe! Want to shake it up and go somewhere aside from Frist, Murray-Dodge Cafe, or Coffee Club? Located in the basement of East Pyne, Chancellor Green Cafe is great for staying hyped and motivated while knocking out administrative to-dos (like replying to emails or scheduling meetings) or brainstorming ideas for projects! Need a little pick-me-up or something to eat? The cafe also serves Small World coffee, Tico’s Acai Bowls, hot entrées, and more.

  1. Mendel Music Library
Image of desk with view of three windows, house plants, and trees.

Mendel Music Library Second Floor Reading Room, taken by author.

Tucked away at the heart of campus, the Mendel Music Library (inside the Woolworth Music Center) is a wonderful, serene environment for focused study. My most-frequented spot is the second floor Reading Room, which has both open tables and unclaimed carousels for students to use. Whether you just want to catch up on some to-dos or need to lock-in, the Reading Room has ample natural light, views of the Prospect Garden trees, and plenty of indoor plants! For me, it’s truly a hidden gem on campus that offers a refreshing alternative to more conventional study spots like libraries. Want to find this space? Visit this post from the Mendel Music Library Blog!

(Thank you to Joy Patterson ‘25 for this suggestion!)

  1. Forbes Backyard
View of Forbes College with several red Adirondack chairs lined up and picnic tables and blankets on the lawn.

View of the Forbes backyard during summer, taken by author.

Want to spend more time in the sun and get some fresh air? The Forbes backyard is my personal favorite outdoor study spot on campus, especially when the weather is nice! There are picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and plenty of green space where you can finish a reading or assignment. Whether you prefer to study solo or with friends, the Forbes backyard provides a refreshing change of scenery from indoor study spaces and never fails to help me recharge. 

Picking a study space based on your current mood and needs can help you make sure you find a great spot to complete all your work while feeling motivated and energized. I’d also highly recommend continuing to explore buildings on campus and finding new study spaces that work for you! If you have any study spots you’d like to share with PCUR, feel free to email me at for a chance to be featured in a follow-up post. Best of luck with your studies!

— Alexis Wu ‘25, Engineering Correspondent