PCUR Archives: Preparing Summer Research Internship Applications

Image depicts student reading a book at a desk covered with texts and research tools, sitting in front of library shelves.
Before you get to the research itself, let’s talk applications! (Photo Credit, Danielle Alio)

We know, we know, it’s winter (well, for the Northern hemisphere at least)! Even though there may be snow outside your window, applications for summer research internships are coming due soon. Before you can dive into an archive, travel into the field, interview your participants, suit up for the lab, or more, you’ll want to think about how you can get a full-time, funded summer research internship. Let’s take a look back at what PCURs over the years have advised!

After you explore what the advice and reflections PCURs have to offer, make the quick jump over to the Office of Undergraduate Research’s website and check out our Summer Program Database. Register, too, for OUR’s Summer Undergraduate Research Internships Application Workshop!

Thanks for joining us this winter break for our trip into the PCUR archives. New content will start posting soon!

–Caitlin Larracey, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research